Ahchiouta’a recounts the history of the Huron-Wendat of the St. Lawrence | 360 degree version

Forfait scolaire, à petit pas sur le sentier - Musée huron-wendat

The 360 degree virtual tour of the exhibition “Ahchiouta’a recounts the History of the Huron-Wendat of the St. Lawrence”, presented at the museum from May 16th 2019 until September 30th 2020, allows the Huron-Wendat to share their own vision of their history and ethnicity. It presents precious artifacts from the St. Lawrence Valley and the Great Lakes, some dated from many centuries before the foundation of Quebec City. Audiovisual media allows the visitors to hear Ahchiouta’s, a Wendat ancestor born in Stadacone, account on parts of her people’s History, like oral tradition, trade, language and the arrival of the Europeans.

This exhibition by Michel Plourde is the result of a close collaboration between the Huron-Wendat Nation, especially the Bureau du Nionwentsïo, and the City of Québec. This virtual version is made possible thanks to GEO 360, Laboratory and Archaeological Reserve, ASI heritage and the Huron-Wendat Museum team.