NI CIMEC, NI MISES (my little sister, my big sister)

Artwork by Rosalie Mowatt Photographed by Luc Vincent-Savard - Public cité multimédia

On view since February 14

In collaboration with Quebec Native Women, the Huron-Wendat Museum presents, in the heart of its permanent exhibition, this commemorative installation in honor of Quebec Aboriginal women and girls who have lost their lives or are missing. In the presence of certain members of their family, the artwork was unveiled on February 14, 2023. Following an art therapy workshop, led by the artist Sonia Robertson, the family members completed the installation by hanging little red dresses made in memory of their loved ones.

This work is meant to be a monument of healing and a representation of hope. It aims to restore an identity to these murdered or disappeared Indigenous women and girls and to give the attention to their lives and stories that they deserve.