During the last decade of the Huron-Wendat Museum’s existence, an exhibition has been touring every two years, each one showcasing Huron-Wendat artists and artists from elsewhere, important objects from our collections as well as themes that are often little known and innovative.

The Canoe, Bearer of Traditions

In location up to your institutions, available until 2027!

This new, interactive, non-contact multimedia exhibition invites you to explore the secrets of the cedar canoe and the transmission of knowledge related to its construction through four generations of the Picard family.

The exhibition discusses the history and mythology of the canoe, the different building techniques used in Wendake and the oral tradition of elders associated with the cedar canoe. In addition, it invites you to participate in an interactive experience that shares Huron-Wendat know-how and makes you feel like you’re in the workshop of craftsman Maurice Picard Jr. Discover some interactive terminals gradually revealed with !

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Les Gardiennes du savoir-faire traditionnel huron-wendat

Maison des Jésuites de Sillery — from May 21 to October 27, 2019

Originally created by our museum and presented within our walls from December 14, 2017, to April 29, 2018, the exhibition moved to the Maison des Jésuits in Sillery in the summer of 2019, on land that served as a trading post for the Huron-Wendat even before the arrival of the Jesuits.

Produced in collaboration with the Centre de développement de la formation et de la main-d’oeuvre huron-wendat (CDFM), the exhibition showcases ornamental techniques that Huron-Wendat women have practiced and passed on over the centuries: beading and embroidery made with materials from nature such as moose hair and porcupine quills.

This exhibition makes it possible to admire unique pieces, some old and others more recent, including several created by artisans from Wendake: Hélène Gros-Louis, Marie-Paule Gros-Louis, Diane Andicha Picard, Yolande Okia Picard, Louisette Sioui, Manon Sioui, Sabryna Godbout and Marie-Philippe Gros-Louis.

After the presentation of the exhibition Ahchiouta’a Recounts The History of the Huron-Wendat of the St. Lawrence at the Maison des Jésuites in 2018, created jointly by the City of Québec and the Council of the Huron-Wendat Nation, it is important to note the Museum’s ties with the City of Québec and our enthusiasm for sharing Huron-Wendat culture.