Seasonality has always been important to Indigenous peoples. Adapting your lifestyle to the different conditions of the environment was essential. Our seasonal activities are an opportunity to experience some of these lifestyles. The Huron-Wendat Museum can complete your experience in this Indigenous territory with additional activities during the fall and winter period!

Snowshoe Rental

Having the largest manufacturer of snowshoes in North America in Wendake make snowshoeing the perfect activity for winter! Raquette GV, a Huron-Wendat company, has been manufacturing snowshoes since 1959. Their snowshoes are available to rent.

To experience one of the most efficient and easy ways to get around in the snow, we suggest embarking on an independent hiking adventure in nature!


  • Route by the bike path (a 20-minute to 4-hour ride)
  • Stroll around the hotel and walk along the Knowledge Trail. (15 minutes)

Snowshoes are available to rent ($) directly at the Awen’ Boutique in the Huron-Wendat Museum.

For groups, it’s possible to adapt a guided tour to include a snowshoe walk along the trail beside the Akiawenhrahk’ River. Ask when making your reservation.


The Snow Snake

The snow snake is a game of skill played by Indigenous peoples in the winter. The game consists of throwing a piece of wood or ice down a long icy corridor. Made every winter and located near the museum, the snow snake is a free activity available to museum and hotel guests when weather conditions allow.

Feel free to ask for help to master this technique! It’s much harder than it looks!