In the footsteps of Yäa’taenhtsihk | New! A guide to your school!

Elementary Schools, Preschools
Forfaits groupe scolaire - Musée huron-wendat

Among the Huron-Wendat, oral tradition has a central place in the transmission of knowledge.

In this activity, without moving, the guide will play the role of an elder and teach the younger generations (students) the history and culture of his nation.

Transported to a longhouse thanks to an enthralling staging, the students will be in total immersion.

The guide will impart knowledge to the students about the traditional way of life. Students will also come in contact with Huron-Wendat material culturein several forms like reproductions of traditional objects.

The Wendat language, music, traditional songs as well as the myth of the Creation of the world will be in the honored and will not fail to amaze the students. Elements will also be transmitted to the teacher to allow the creation of a great creative fresco in memory of the Wendat vision of the world.

Learning areas: Social world; Arts; Person Development

Subjects: Geography, History and citizenship education; Plastic Arts; Music

Disciplinary skills: In the footsteps of Yäa’taenhtsihk allows students to:

  • -Develop attitudes of openness to the world and respect for diversity
  • -Deconstruct its representation of space, time and society

Technical needs (material provided by the school):

  • Equipment for a PowerPoint presentation: screen, projector, speakers connected to a computer with USB
  • 2 tables of 6 feet to place the model of the longhouse and the equipment


  • $ 550.00 for a maximum of 5 hours (+ travel time $ 25.00 / hour and $ 0.59 / km)
  • $ 950.00 for a period of 5 to 10 hours
  • $ 50.00 for an additional hour if the day should be extended and last more than 10 hours