The Three Sisters pedagogical kit ! | A kit up to your class !

Elementary Schools

New ! A kit up to your class !

Experience life in a Huron-Wendat village! Through quiz, crafts, planting and observations, your students will learn more about the diet and the 16th century Huron-Wendat way of life.

This educational kit will allow you to explore the world of food among the Huron-Wendat. As part of the proposed activities, your students will learn about a semi-sedentary Iroquoian nation and its way of life around 1500. More specifically, students will explore:

  • Foods originating from North America and the eating habits of the Wendat;
  • Horticulture and its importance in a semi-sedentary indigenous society around 1500;
  • The role of different social groups (women, men, children) within a Wendat society around 1500;
  • The three sisters and their culture;
  • The rate of development of plants;
  • The consumption, processing and conservation of food grown by the Wendat around 1500

Learning areas: Social world; Arts; Languages; Mathematic, science and technology

Subject areas: Geography; History and Citizenship education; Plastic Arts, Science and technology

Disciplinary skills: The Three Sisters allows students to:

  • Develop attitudes of openness to the world and respect for diversity
  • Locate in space and time (occupied territories)
  • Organize and transform the living (associate the parts of a plant with their general function, describe the stages and name the essential needs for plant growth)

Technical needs (material provided by the school):

  • PowerPoint presentation equipment: screen, projector, speakers connected to a computer with USB port or a personal computer per student
  • 2 tables of 6 feet to place the material
  • A pair of scissors and a dark pencil per student
  • A tub of lukewarm water* (*only if doll activity is extra)