Achiouta’a’s quest

Elementary Schools
Andrée Lévesque Sioui - Musée huron wendat

Before leaving her village, Ahchiouta’a, a Huron-Wendat grandmother, hid some objects. Using clues, students will discover what these objects are while being told about the arrival of the Europeans and the events that followed.

  • Solve riddles by visiting the museum and the national longhouse;
  • Find reproductions of archaeological objects (ceramics, arrowheads, toys, etc. …) in the house of the Great Chief Tsawenhohi;
  • Analyze documents and collect data in the manner of an archaeologist.

Subject areas: Social Studies; Arts; Languages

Fields of study: Geography; History and Citizenship Education; Visual Arts

Subject-specific competencies: The Quest for Ahchiouta’a challenges students to use information to solve problems while exercising critical judgement. The riddles and the explanations given by the guide will challenge students to interpret change in a society and its territory and to understand the organization of a society on its territory. Contact with archaeological artifacts will enable students to appreciate works of art and cultural heritage objects.

*** Possibility to create your own customized package with other activities.