Trading goods, trading places

Elementary Schools
Forfait groupe scolaire - Musée huron wendat

A panorama of the way of life of the Iroquoian and Algonquian societies from 1500 to 1745 is presented in the form of a role-playing game. The following themes will be addressed: characteristics of the territory these societies live on, elements of the way of life, economic activities, political structures, gender roles, housing, food, and clothing.

  • Visit of the museum’s permanent exhibition with an emphasis on some of the artifacts ;
  • Visit of the national longhouse;
  • Role-play as Iroquoians and Algonquians in a theatrical commercial exchange activity: barter.

Subject areas: Social Sciences; Arts Education; Languages

Fields of study: geography; history and citizenship education

Subject-specific competencies: Thanks to the role-playing and explanations of the guide, Trading goods, trading places allows students to be open to the diversity of societies and their territories and to interpret change in a society and its territory. During the exchange, students will have to communicate orally, exercise critical judgment and engage in dialogues.