On the turtle and the bear’s trails

Elementary Schools
Forfait groupe scolaire - Musée huron wendat

The activity allows students to explore the museum and examine Iroquoian artifacts dating back to 1500 in order to compare this society with the Algonquian peoples. The creative component of this activity involves making a miniature wigwam. The package also includes a visit of the National Longhouse.

An artifact hunt in the museum is followed by a group interpretation of various items that piqued curiosity. Students are then invited to ask questions and then to illustrate, in dyads, part of the answer they received. Their guide will have taken care to show them the differences between the Iroquoian and Algonquian ways of life. Each dyad is given a ready-made wigwam model to build together.

Subject Areas: Social Sciences; Arts Education; Languages

Fields of study: Geography; History and Citizenship Education; Visual Arts

Subject-specific competencies: Through the visit and discussions, students will be led to understand the organization of a society in its territory, to be open to the diversity of societies and their territories and to engage in dialogues. The activity also involves the following cross-curricular competencies: using information, constructing one’s identity, cooperating with others. Finally, the making of a wigwam model will enable students to produce individual works in the visual arts and to use creativity.