Small steps on the trail of the Huron-wendat

Forfait scolaire, à petit pas sur le sentier - Musée huron-wendat

A first contact with the Huron-Wendat culture is offered through the manipulation of objects. The activity is divided into three workshops:

  • Visit of the museum with manipulation of objects made of different materials (wood, leather, fur, bark, pottery, stone…);
  • Tour of the national longhouse;
  • Traditional dance workshop to the beat of Huron-Wendat rhythms;
  • Making of a necklace or bracelet.

During the guided tour of the exhibition, students manipulate objects similar to those in the display cases. This allows students to understand the use of raw materials by the ancient Huron-Wendat in the making of everyday objects. The students are then transported by a simple and fun traditional social dance, following the rhythm of the rattle and their steps. Finally, they are introduced to handicrafts and invited to make a necklace or bracelet from wood and clay beads.

Subject areas: social sciences; arts education; citizenship and community life

Field of study: geography, history and citizenship education; visual arts

Subject-specific competencies: In this workshop, students are led to perform sensorimotor actions effectively in different contexts through the making of an object. This enables them to complete an activity or project. Finally, dance and discussion will make them interact harmoniously with others.