Mémoires ennoyées de l'artiste Ludovic Boney du 21 juin au 15 octobre 2022

Tie is the continuation of the mediation work that the Mobile Museum began in the summer of 2021 on the practice of darting. The team supported the dart artist Catherine Lessard at the Centre de développement de la formation et de la main-d’oeuvre huron-wendat, within the framework of the program “maintenance of traditions”, offered to a group of the community.

Moved to see this tradition slowly reintegrate its position within the Huron-Wendat community, amazed to see the major implications of the transmission of this art form, and surprised by the rich history of the dart, a witness to the blending of peoples, the team of the Mobile Museum wished to continue the conversation and the promotion of this practice.

Let the artworks tell you their stories.